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Type of PSD

Release time:2022-04-21 15:50:21

Shielded machine room is a place for shielding against radio wave interference. The parameter for measuring the permeability of materials is permeability. The higher the permeability, the higher the permeability, and the better the shielding effect. The doors and windows of the shielding room also have a great impact on the shielding efficiency. There are three types of common PSD.

1. the automatic screen door uses the motor as the driving source to push the worm and worm organization to complete the opening and closing rotation posture of the door; Compared with hydraulic or pneumatic transmission, pedal transmission system has the advantages of good stability, low noise and no pollution. The door frame is equipped with a combined padlock or IC card anti-theft lock. In addition, it can also connect various electronic access control.

2. the screen window door transformed by pneumatic translation has the characteristics of multiple control functions, practical and convenient operation, reliable operation, etc., especially the application screen window room where the power switch does not occupy the whole indoor space, which is suitable for welding or assembly. It has a variety of automatic and manual control modes; Anti extrusion molding operation; Electric automatic control system; High quality and reliable sequence logic is selected for automatic operation, and the operation logic can be customized.

3. the electric lock screen door has high shielding efficiency and stability, but it is heavier to close and open the door. Select the full pedal drive system. The motor is used as the driving source to convert all deceleration and fitness exercises into repetitive exercises, slope fitness exercises and all selected molecular thermal exercises. Through the repeated movement of rack drive, the door lock and door opening are completed according to the slope organization.

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