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The role of weak current engineering shielding machine room

Release time:2022-04-21 15:49:21

The basic principle of weak current engineering shielding machine room comes from Faraday cage design. Without shielding, our electronic equipment will be affected by interference sources, resulting in equipment failure or abnormal operation, and even damage in serious cases. Another phenomenon is that when we listen to the radio, watch TV, and use the computer during thunder, the radio will make "squeaking" noise, and the TV and computer will have image jitter. These are all interference caused by lightning.

The role of the shielded machine room is to restrict the electromagnetic generated by electronic facilities or sub components, and shield the electromagnetic to avoid external electromagnetic interference. With the development of all walks of life, the performance of the shielded machine room is becoming stronger and stronger. Therefore, we can see that the role of shielded machine room is still very important.

Electromagnetic shielding prevents high level electromagnetic wave interference, and is used to suppress the interference generated by electromagnetic field coupling when the noise source and sensitive equipment are far away. Electromagnetic shielding must shield both electric and magnetic fields, usually using conductor materials with low resistivity. When the space electromagnetic wave enters the metal surface, it will produce reflection loss and absorption loss, so that the electromagnetic energy is greatly attenuated, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding. During electromagnetic shielding, the shielding body itself may not be grounded, but in order to avoid electrostatic coupling, the electromagnetic shielding conductor is generally grounded.

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