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  • Precautions during construction of shielded machine room
    Construction precautions:1. every seam and discontinuity between the bottom plate and the casing shall be overlapped as well as possible. The degree of overlap plays a decisive role in the shielding effectiveness of the shell; When the requirements for shielding, ventilation and strength are high bu
    Date : 2022-04-21
  • Maintenance method of shielded machine room
    In daily life, not only lightning can produce electromagnetic interference, such as high-voltage and high-frequency transmission lines, high-power motors, computer hosts, displays, and strong magnetic fields. As long as there is current passing through, electromagnetic fields will be generated, but
    Date : 2022-04-21
  • Grounding mode of shielding machine room
    Grounding is a wire connection set to discharge charge or provide a reference potential. There are two purposes of grounding. One is to protect people and equipment from lightning, electric leakage, static electricity and other hazards. This kind of ground wire is called protective ground wire, whic
    Date : 2022-04-21
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