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Maintenance method of shielded machine room

Release time:2022-04-21 15:44:57

In daily life, not only lightning can produce electromagnetic interference, such as high-voltage and high-frequency transmission lines, high-power motors, computer hosts, displays, and strong magnetic fields. As long as there is current passing through, electromagnetic fields will be generated, but the intensity of electromagnetic fields is different. We know that using the computer for a long time will lead to dizziness. Dizziness is the visual fatigue caused by observing the screen for a long time. Understandably, dizziness is mostly the physical discomfort caused by the cumulative physical damage caused by electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, as a working class or people who use computers for a long time, they should take certain protective measures. For example, using computer shielded tables can greatly alleviate the harm of computers to human body.

Maintenance method of shielded machine room:

1. the filter power supply shall not be connected to the leakage protector, but can be connected to the load air switch; In case of filter failure, the power shall be cut off first and then discharged before maintenance or replacement.

2. after the product is delivered for use, it is strictly prohibited to be greatly impacted or to open holes on the shield.

3. it is strictly prohibited to insert metal cables or pipes into the shielded waveguide hole.

4. pay attention to keep the knife edge and notch at the shielded door clean to ensure good service performance of the shielded machine room.

5. maintenance and cleaning method: the reed part shall be wrapped with moisture-proof thin material with degreasing gauze, moistened with anhydrous alcohol, and then inserted into the notch to pull back and wipe.

6. in order to ensure the opening and closing flexibility of the transmission components outside the shield door, oil lubrication shall be carried out irregularly.

7. if the reed is found, loosen the reed strip screw in time, take out the damaged reed and replace it with a new one.

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